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FAQ Answers to our most commonly asked questions about boat towing in Cape Coral & Ft Myers Beach

What is TowBoatUS? Is my BoatUS Towing Service valid wherever I boat? What does the service level on my Membership Card mean? What does "Unlimited" mean? What's so special about BoatUS Towing Dispatch? If I'm broken down at my dock, does my BoatUS Towing Service still work for me? Can I use some other towing company to tow my boat? When the Guide doesn't list any TowBoatUS or other approved companies in my area, whom should I use? What is the difference between Towing and Salvage? Does the BoatUS Towing Service provide for recovery and towing of my boat should it sink? Does the BoatUS Towing Service apply if I am a guest on a friend's boat? Can I use my BoatUS Towing Service for charter fishing & diving, or delivery of boats? Is it true that towing companies bill from the time they leave their dock to the time they return?

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