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Name: Russ P.
Incident Date: 08/28/2016

Comment: Quick response and they went above and beyond my expectations!

Name: Thomas E.
Incident Date: 08/25/2016

Comment: The service was very friendly and the captain had a genuine interest in making my experience safe and pleasant.

Name: Donnie E.
Incident Date: 08/17/2016

Comment: I appreciated the friendly, professional service, from the very first call & contact I made with your service. Captain Tim was just super. He also is a true professional and an asset to your organization. I highly recommend your towing service to every boat owner and operator of a vessel on the water.

Name: Eve M.
Incident Date: 08/17/2016

Comment: After purchasing our boat we talked to several people to determine whether we should get Seatow or Towboat. More people recommended Towboat. I am so glad we took their advice. After getting stranded, I called Thomas who continued to check on us and make sure we were OK until Billy got there. He was there almost immediately. Billy knew exactly what to do and in one tug we were back on track. Billy then took the time to talk to us about how to navigate the waters and about our area. It's great to know that Thomas, Billy, and Towboat are there for us. Thank you!

Name: Tom B.
Incident Date: 08/16/2016

Comment: Very helpful from the person on the phone to Capt. Ed the tow boat operator. A very pleasant experience for a not so pleasant time. I am so glad that we belong to Boat US.

Name: Thomas P.
Incident Date: 08/10/2016

Comment: Able to make quick contact by radio and cell phone. I was contacted several times by the dispatch and the tow captain who let me know of their progress.

Name: David R.
Incident Date: 08/09/2016

Comment: Good response time and good captain!

Name: Rene B.
Incident Date: 08/05/2016

Comment: Captain Ed Semon was the best. He was quick to arrive and very helpful.

Name: Lawrence H.
Incident Date: 08/02/2016

Comment: Quick arrival and very friendly and got us free very fast.

Name: Jack L.
Incident Date: 07/27/2016

Comment: The first time I have had to use the towing service, excellent service all around.

Name: John L.
Incident Date: 07/26/2016

Comment: Very quick to respond. Also, Billy was very professional and friendly.

Name: Gary W.
Incident Date: 07/09/2015

Comment: Signed up for membership around noon on 7/8. Just bought a new (to me) boat and wanted some piece of mind fishing nearshore. Sure enough on 7/9 My boat overheated, and I needed a tow. Everyone was extremely helpful and got me back to the ramp in a timely manner. Awesome!

Name: Lee G.
Incident Date: 04/19/2015

Comment: BIG thanks to Captain Ed who stopped to assist us after our rental boat outboard blew! A true hero and gent. Thank you so much from Wales! Diolch!!

Name: Jason M.
Incident Date: 08/24/2014

Comment: I personally hold a 1600 Ton Oceans Master license and I am hard to impress. Capt. Ed Semon is a true professional. I cant say enough good things about this guy. A++ He turned a sh***y day of boating into a good day. Thank you for the great service.

Name: Sue D.
Incident Date: 04/21/2014

Comment: Your company was prompt in responding, very pleasant. There were absolutely no problems. We were towed right to our dock and slid into the boat lift. Couldn't ask for better service and didn't have to pay any added fees. Thank you. I hope I won't need to be towed again but if I do, I know BoatUS will be there!

Name: Joe D.
Incident Date: 04/17/2014

Comment: TowBoatUS Captain was extremely courteous and went out of his way to be as helpful as possible, beyond the towing needs.

Name: Jim G.
Incident Date: 04/13/2014

Comment: The towing service was excellent. This is the second time the same person has towed us in. He is an asset to BoatUS!

Name: Joseph A.
Incident Date: 04/12/2014

Comment: The person that towed my boat was very helpful and did a great job. He made my life a lot easier that day.

Name: John S.
Incident Date: 04/04/2014

Comment: Tow captain was great! Knowledgeable, professional, and reassuring. First time that I needed a tow. Very impressed.

Name: Robert F.
Incident Date: 04/04/2014

Comment: The service was excellent. Prompt response. The young man was courteous and helpful. We only needed a jump start due to a weak battery. The service made the situation easy.

Name: Sal C.
Incident Date: 04/02/2014

Comment: It was a quick response. They were very polite. Glad I have BoatUS to help out when needed.

Name: James B.
Incident Date: 03/31/2014

Comment: They came on time, they performed, and did an excellent job! Great job by the captain who brought us right in, then left, and explained everything. He even gave us a good tip where a few great meals are served at various places on the water.

Name: Jerry C.
Incident Date: 03/19/2014

Comment: Captain Dan was great! He arrived at the ETA. He was courteous, professional, and very helpful. He even helped me get the boat on the trailer.

Name: "S.H."
Incident Date: 03/19/2014

Comment: Response time: Good. Ability of tow captain to respond to on water conditions: Very good. Equipment/tow boat: Very good. The local tow captain hired a winner in the young captain that responded. He was both expedient and cautious. He displayed good working knowledge of local conditions. There was no stress or worry once he took control.

Name: Donald S.
Incident Date: 03/19/2014

Comment: TowBoatUS was on hand and gave assistance within 5 minutes. The captain waited to see if fuel provided at cost solved the issue, then towed us to the dock when it did not. We could not have been happier. Many thanks!

Name: Philip P.
Incident Date: 03/12/2014

Comment: Excellent service in all regards! Dan was so professional and helpful. He is wonderful! Thank you.

Name: James G.
Incident Date: 03/04/2014

Comment: Captain Ed saved the day! Our distress call to BoatUS on March 4th, 2014 was handled professionally and promptly. They expressed concern over the number of people on board and whether anyone was hurt. A tow boat was immediately dispatched and arrived within 30 minutes. Captain Ed towed us to a safe zone before transferring fuel to our vessel. We were totally happy with the service and the kindness, friendliness, and understanding shown to us by Capt. Ed. We're so very glad we have BoatUS and doubly glad we carried the membership card with us.

Name: Anne S.
Incident Date: 02/22/2014

Comment: BoatUS made a disappointing experience into a good one. BoatUS was on time, readily available in my area, and very competent. The service was provided in a pleasant and helpful manner and professional as well. It was a good first experience for me with BoatUS. Thank you!

Name: Jerry V.
Incident Date: 01/12/2014

Comment: We were out fishing in Pine Island Sound one mile west of Demerie Key, one mile north.It was daylight and the water was calm. When we were going to leave, the battery was too low to start the boat. I called BoatUS. We waited about one hour. They came and jumped my battery. They left and we drove home on our own power.



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At Marine Towing and Salvage of Southwest Florida we are proud to serve the boating community, as the Boat Owners Association of The United States (BoatUS) licensed marine assistance provider in Southwest Florida.

TowBoatUS Cape Coral, Marine Towing and Salvage of S.W. Florida, offers marine assistance towing, fuel delivery, part delivery, jump starts, contract towing, marine salvage, diving services, and contract oil pollution clean-up services.

Understanding the difference between towing and salvage can save boaters money and aggravation. Historically and legally, salvage is any voluntary and successful rescue of a boat., its cargo and/or its passengers from a peril at sea. BoatUS, however, narrows this definition. When contracting for towing services on behalf of its 650,000 members, it requires that marine assistance companies distinguish between simple towing and/or soft groundings and the more serious and expensive salvage efforts where distress or danger exist.

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